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Let flowers add to your love story. May they be a narrative without words; let the design tell a tale of romance, setting the stage for a beautiful  love story!


Your wedding day is one of the most important special moments in your life, it will become a core memory for you. Investing in your florals will help create your desired aesthetic, vibe and mood for your entire special day.


Your florals on your wedding is a way of expressing your individual couple style and personalities and will make for impactful photos which you will cherish for your lifetime.


Here at Little Cottage Blooms we are all about the dreamiest most breathtaking florals, we want nothing more then to bring your vision and dream into reality, bringing intention and romance to your day! 

We are here to have organisation between other vendors to allow for a stress free wedding day for you both to really enjoy!


Lush, Romantic, Dreamy

Leave all the hard decisions, stress, and hard work up to us for your special day when it comes to the floral side of things - we have taken out the pressure of custom floral wedding quotes and back and forth consultations. Specialising in dried/artificial/everlasting florals, our floral arrangements are of the highest quality, so they look and feel realistic but offer the benefit of being a forever keepsake. We source only the best quality florals from our suppliers to create the most luscious and luxe looking blooms to create the most gorgeous aesthetic for your special day! 


Artificial florals allow us to choose seasonal flowers all year round, so you can be sure to have your dream flowers in your wedding florals - if it's available in fresh we can source it in artificial. We do however offer fresh florals if you would like to choose that style. If you do, please reach out so we can discuss and see how we can achieve your fresh flower dreams.


All packages include delivery to bridal party the morning of the wedding and installation of ceremony florals – extra set up or delivery incur a fee of $85p/h.


We have designed set packages for flow and ease when planning your special day. We would love for you to take a moment to fill out the online enquiry form below. If you require something outside of our set packages, please send us an email so we can best attend to your needs.


We look forward to creating your wedding floral arrangements for you to always remember and cherish.


Keeping it sweet, simple & most importantly keeping costs in mind. This is for the budget conscious couple - Using seasonal blooms and greenery to stretch the flower investment for your day. (Premium blooms extra cost)


Wedding Party:

Bridal Bouquet x1 (Midi)

Bridesmaids x2 (Petite)

Groom button hole x1

Groomsmen button hole x2



Small arrangements supplied/installed to your ceremony backdrops. (Hire of these not inc)

Size: 50cm-80cm (installation included)

NOTE: Can be taken down and or moved to reception for a multi use installation and max investment from your florals. 



Small mixed Bud vases using seasonal blooms and greenery for guest tables 


Cake florals:

Provide a mix of the wedding florals for the cake designer. 

NOTE: Florals provided loose and unprepped, cake designer to organise collection. Stems will be cut to 10cm.

from $3,500


from $5,500

Impactful, Intentional & Impressional - This package is suitable for a standard size bridal party and covers all the florals for your special day!  

Using a mixture of seasonal and premium blooms to compliment your style and setting the aesthetic  for your special day, blooms will be impactful and dreamy!


Wedding Party:

Bridal Party: (Bouquet Ribbons Inc)

Bridal Bouquet x1 (Midi/Large)

Bridesmaids x3 (Petite/Midi) 

Groom button hole x1

Groomsmen button hole x3



Florals of choice for ceremony (Arbor/Plinths etc NOT inc)

Welcome sign flowers x1 (small flower cloud attached to sign)

NOTE: Florals can be moved and repurposed to your reception for max investment of your florals.


Floral scatter vases/Table clouds for guest tables 

(vases NOT inc)


Cake florals:

Provide a mix of the wedding florals for the cake designer

NOTE: Florals provided loose and unprepped, cake designer to organise collection. Stems will be cut to 10cm.


Intentional, highly impactful florals!

This package is suitable for larger bridal parties and the couple wanting that super lush and dreamy vibe factor when it comes to their floral investment for their special day!


Using a mixture of high quality seasonal and premium florals to compliment the aesthetic for your special day & to bring the WOW!


Wedding Party:

Bridal Bouquet x1 (large/lush)

Bridesmaids x4 (midi) 

Groom button hole x1

Groomsmen button hole x4



Choose between Love Nest Florals, Flower towers (x2) or Plinths  with impactful florals with high visual impact

Welcome Sign Florals (flower clouds)

Aisle Entry Florals x2 (flower clouds)

NOTE: Florals can relocated/repurposed to your reception to achieve more bang for your buck!



Small table flower clouds, centrepiece vase’s/scatter floral vases for guest tables 


Cake florals:

Provide a mix of the wedding florals for the cake designer

NOTE: Florals provided loose and unprepped, cake designer to organise collection. Stems will be cut to 10cm.

from $10,000

Elopement Package

from $1,500

This is our stress free ELOPEMENT package - suitable for couples who are eloping! Just because you have chosen to elope, does not mean you can not have the most beautiful blooms that will still create the most dreamy and romantic aesthetic for you intimate occasion. Photo's are forever and create a life time memory to look back and enjoy, so it is so important your florals make your photos even more beautiful!

Using a mixture of high quality seasonal florals and greenery to set the aesthetic and style for your special day!



Bridal Bouquet x1 

Groom button hole x1



Choose between YOUR florals for your ceremony - MIN spend $1,500

(Options: Flower Towers, Plinths, Arbor installations, Flower Clouds)

NOTE: Ceremony fixture to be HIRED separately NOT Inc


Premium flowers:

NOTE: If you are wanting additional use of Premium flowers such as phalaenopsis orchids, premium roses, peonies, hydrangeas etc will come at an extra cost on top of package price. We will quote it for you!



thank you lovely, we will be in touch soon. xx

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